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Online Urantia Book Features

AN OnLine Urantia Book


Resources in this online Urantia Book include the following (please see above image for reference):

  • Note: These features appear whenever any pages of the book are displayed, so you will need to navigate to a page of the book to see these features.
  • A 1924 Edition Meriam-Webster dictionary (hover over the “W”)
  • Recommended research links to other articles related to the paper you are reading that help explain or interpret that particular paper (hover over the yellow page icon and the links will appear if there are any related to that paper). These links are being added to over time by our website team. If you have any articles you would like recommended to see for a particular paper, please let us know.
  • Viewing controls that allow text resizing, text reference numbers toggle, and Jesus text red-lettering (hover over “Viewing Options”)

  • A link to listen to The Urantia Book read to you. Click on the play button to listen (please see above image for reference).

The Best Urantia Book Search Engine Ever! 

Enter a search term in the lower search field (“Urantia Book Search”), and the search engine will open on top of the page you're currently viewing. You can see that the page you are in will drop below the search results. You can than easily X out and return back to the website page.  (Please see below image for reference.)

  • You can see the Quick Start Guide by clicking on the question mark in the box to the right of the search button. (Please see above image for reference.)
  • For more details about The Urantia Book Search Engine, check out the user guide:

The Urantia Book Glossary


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