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Jubilee of Jubilees

  • 2023-05-21
  • (MST)
  • Arizona and Zoom

May 21, 2023

Jubilee of Jubilees


Michael and Mother

Celebrating May 18th, 30 AD

Universe Sovereign — Co-Ruler

Proclamation of Equality

Hello, all you beautiful light-filled souls! Greetings in the Master and our Universe Mother Spirit from Bro. Joshua Wilson.

Our Jubilee of Jubilees celebration last year, 2022, was such a blessing in many dimensions and in multiple languages. Thank you. Diane Labrecque and I will again host, this sixth jubilee celebration, on Sunday morning, May 21, 2023 (the closest Sunday to ascension day, May 18, 30 AD.) Let us think of it truly as a new holiday. I am in charge of the program for this year, so you may think about any presentation you may like to make. However, there is no intent to reproduce last year’s list of participants, but rather to have broad representation by enlarging the concentric circles of participation. With that in mind, please feel free to forward this invitation to any in your circle that may be interested in presenting a five-minute segment of celebration and goodwill.

So many things of universe and world importance happened on that ascension day, including Michael’s enthronement on Salvington, and the Proclamation of Equality of our divine parents. I also think of it as a kind of anniversary of Michael and our Universe Mother Spirit.

For your inspiration, consider afresh these events as compiled by scholars in our community:

1. Jesus' ascension from Mount Olivet, about 7:45 am, May 18, 30 AD  (UB 193:5.5)

2. Traveled to Edentia by way of Jerusem, and was returned to status of Paradise sonship  (193:5.4)

3. Formal confirmation by the Universal Father of Michael’s completed sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon (193:5.5)

4. Enthronement on Salvington, "jubilee of jubilees" (33:3.5)

5. Greater and personal revealing of the Universe Mother Spirit (34:2.1)

6. Proclamation of Equality—Michael and Mother (33:3.6)

 7. Worldwide bestowal of the Spirit of Truth with the accompanying joy, security, and confidence, about 1:00 pm, May 18 (194:0.1, 2)

8. Preparation of all normal minds for the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters upon the people of earth (194:2.3)

 9. Michael proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia, by our Paradise adviser, the Union of Days (114:1.1) at the time of Michael's elevation to sovereignty (23:2.18)

10. Institution of the Twenty-Four Counselors on Jerusem and arrival of their representative, our first Resident Governor General, concurrent with the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth, May 18, 30 AD (114:6.1)

11. Arrival of the twelve corps of the master seraphim of planetary supervision (114:6.1)

~ details forthcoming ~
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