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GC Membership Information

Are you interested in serving as a movement leader on the Fellowship’s General Council (GC)?

There is a lot of work to be done and we are very busy. If you want to help us execute our new purpose and mission to support individual spiritual growth and connect people together as brothers and sisters to share the truths of The Urantia Book, we need your help.

We are trying many new approaches and are getting more focused on our purpose and mission. One approach is the new Stepping Stones Program that is creating a website experience for people unfamiliar with The Urantia Book. The idea is that site visitors can be introduced to concepts in The Urantia Book without necessarily diving directly into reading the book. The concepts can give them something that will help their spiritual journey, while also providing many destination choices where the site visitor can interact one-on-one or in a group with other people. 

We know there are many readers with new ideas who can help us make a difference in the lives of many people who have not yet found The Urantia Book. If you are interested, please read the information below about the GC and our hopes for team members. We need your help. Join us and let’s get creative!

The 36-member General Council (GC) is a deliberative body which guides the overall direction of The Urantia Book Fellowship. This includes electing five officers and three service team chairs, which make up the Executive Committee. The GC also elects chairs of the nine departmental committees and approves departmental committee members. The GC also has the power to change the Fellowship's Constitution and By-laws.

Below is a list of the Fellowship Councilor position requirements.

  • Serve as a “movement leader” (in the Fellowship), guiding the overall direction of The Urantia Book Fellowship.

    • This includes making decisions regarding the vision/purpose/mission/goals (and any updates thereof) of the Fellowship, including what programs and projects to support.

  • Must be a member of a Fellowship Regional Urantia Society or a verified Fellowship Member at Large (MAL). If you are not currently either a Society member or an MAL and still want to serve, you can apply to be an MAL, here and choose "Fellowship Applicant". After applying, you can still fill out the form to become a GC Member.

  • Must have read or listened to The Urantia Book in its entirety.

  • Be willing to serve a nine year term (or at least the remaining years if filling a Councilor position as an interim replacement).

  • Participate in the election of Fellowship Officers and Chairs of Service Teams and Chairs of Departmental Committees.

  • Be willing to abide by, and participate in changes to, the Fellowship Constitution and By-laws, and support the purposes as stated in the Constitution (see ARTICLE II).

  • Attend all General Council meetings. Currently this is two in-person multiple-day (two to three days each) and two Zoom single-day meetings each year.

    • Note: You should strive to attend the entire duration of meetings.
  • Be prepared to pay for all of your own travel/lodging/meals to certain locations in the USA and/or Canada to attend General Council meetings.

    • Note: Some partial financial assistance may be available.

  • Keep up to date on

    • Reports by Fellowship Officers and Service Team and Committee Chairs (including all ad hoc committees)

    • Financial reports

    • All proposed policies and motions, including new areas of opportunity

    • General Council meeting minutes

    • Emails sent to the Councilors email list (which is beyond just the usual emails that you receive)

    • The above will require at least one hour per week, and perhaps three hours (or more) per week leading up to and preparing for each General Council meeting.

  • In order to know what’s going on in the Urantia movement, it is recommended that you participate in items such as (each is optional):

    • The Mighty Messenger, the Fellowship Herald and Mini Messenger publications

    • The Fellowship’s social media pages

    • Socadmin emails (for current and past Fellowship Councilors and Society Officers)

    • The above may take an additional one or more hours per week.

  • Volunteer to be a member of at least one Departmental or ad hoc committee, which may require several hours per month to several hours per week (depending on the committee).

  • Possess basic knowledge of usage of applications used by the Fellowship (like Google Workspace, Zoom meetings, task tracking tools) and/or be willing to learn and use them.

    • This may take five to ten hours of initial orientation and training on new technologies and additional orientation and training as needed.

  • Possess basic knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order (provided by the Fellowship).

    • This may require one to two hours of study time to acquire such basic knowledge.

  • Possess basic understanding of financial reports (basic understanding support is provided by the Fellowship).

    • This may require about three hours of study time to acquire such basic understanding, which may include studying our provided guidelines and up to two hours of selected YouTube videos.

  • Be able to support teamwork as per

    • “28:5.14 (312.1)  These are the angels who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvonton. One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork. The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings. Few are the duties in the universe for the lone servant. The higher you ascend, the more lonely you become when temporarily without the association of your fellows.”

You may learn more about our existing Councilors here.

You can create your application here: GC Application Form

Thanks in advance for your consideration and your willingness to serve!

81:6.37 13. Effective and wise leadership. In civilization much, very much, depends on an enthusiastic and effective load-pulling spirit. Ten men are of little more value than one in lifting a great load unless they lift together—all at the same moment.

180:1.5 If you would share the Master's joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service

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