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Respect Elders and Juniors

2023-11-20 12:40 PM | Thomas





To our elders, be respectful, to our juniors, be kind. By respecting others, we elevate our own mind, and live in harmony with each other.

  --venerable Master Wei Chueh (1928-2016)

(107:3.4-5) 1. Always to show adequate respect for the experience and endowments of their seniors and superiors.
                  2. Always to be considerate of the limitations and inexperience of their juniors and subordinates.

    Wei Chueh was a Chinese Bhikshu (Buddhist monk) from Taiwan. He is the founder of the Chung Tai Shan monastery and Buddhist order. Wei Chueh is often credited for reviving the traditional teachings of Chan Buddhism.
    Wei Chueh was born in 1928 in Yingshan County, Sichuan. In 1963, he was ordained under Lin Yuan at the Shi Fan Da Jue (“Great Enlightenment”) Chan Monastery in Keelung, Taiwan. He was fully ordained as a monk in 1967 at Daijue Temple in Keelung. He offered many retreats in Yilan, Hsinchu, and Hong Kong before settling into solitary seclusion at Yangmingshan near Wanli District, New Taipei. He lived under extremely poor and primitive conditions, but continued to practice the Dharma. In 1987, he founded Lin Quan Temple in Taipei County. Wei Chueh became known for organizing seven-day Zen retreats and dharma assemblies, as well as his "lively and flexible" preaching style. As his popularity increased, his temple was unable to fit more people.

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