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Compare 12/08/2019

2019-12-08 2:58 PM | Thomas
Little giving--impulses are as important as big ones because they build the habit of giving yourself away.

  --David Dunn (b.1949)

(132:4.4) Jesus was very fond of doing things—even little things—for all sorts of people.

(139:5.4) Philip was not a man who could be expected to do big things, but he was a man who could do little things in a big way, do them well and acceptably.

(171:8.11) Faithfulness is the unerring measure of human trustworthiness. He who is faithful in little things is also likely to exhibit faithfulness in everything consistent with his endowments.

     David Dunn struggled as a student. Stories of the Great Depression and the end of World War II made him frugal and focused.  He followed the advice of several self-help books.  His first major step towards getting his own life right was by choosing real estate for a career, where the the talents of judgement, common sense, and having a good plan were more  valuable than the world’s idea of,  “school smarts.”

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