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Millie Maxton

  • 2021-02-24 3:45 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Dear friends,

    Not many of you will have known Millie Maxton of Arizona’s Grand Canyon Urantia Book Society, but for those who did, I’d like to share the news that she graduated earlier this month at the age of 97. She passed away Feb. 13 after having fallen several days earlier and severely hitting her head. She never really recovered and was ready to go, wanting to be reunited with her husband of nearly 50 years, Lee Maxton, who had died not quite a year before, also at the age of 97.

     Lee’s oldest son introduced them to the Urantia Book, and they attended their first study group at my house sometime in 1992. That evening the group was reading paper 42, “Energy—Mind and Matter.” Someone suggested that a different paper be read that night, but Lee and Millie said not to change on their behalf. Apparently that paper did not scare them off, because they continued to attend and also soon began going to Dick and Peggy Johnson’s study group. Before long they both became members of GCS.

    In February 1993 the Maxtons participated in a regional conference in Phoenix. Subsequently they began attending as many Urantia Book Fellowship international conferences as they could: St. Hyacinth, Quebec, in 1993; Flagstaff in ’96; Vancouver, BC, in ’99; Estes Park, CO, in 2002; UCLA in ’08; and Salt Lake City in 2011. For the 1996 conference they both were part of the local arrangements planning committee and took an active part in the planning of that conference, the largest one so far by the Fellowship. While on the free day trip to Borchardt Gardens on Vancouver Island in 1999, Millie became seriously ill and was hospitalized for several weeks in Canada. Her heart even stopped for several minutes. Lee faithfully stayed at her side until she was Medevaced back to Arizona.

    In 1994 Millie was part of an ill-fated GCS-sponsored houseboat trip on Lake Powell, AZ. When the motor stopped running late that Easter Sunday, the staff boat that came to our rescue only had room to take three of our group back to the dock. Millie, I, and another person were the three who were rescued; the others had to stay on the boat another night until repairs could be delivered and the houseboat could again move on its own. I drove Millie through a light snowfall in Flagstaff and delivered her to her husband (who did not go on the trip) about 2 in the morning.

    For several years Lee and Millie both served on the GCS Coordinating Committee. Millie was Secretary and Membership Committee Chair, among other positions. Eventually declining health forced both Lee and Millie to limit their activities and attendance at Urantia functions. Their bodies were weak, but their minds were still sharp. At Lee’s memorial service last year, Millie told me she was going to live to 102. I admired her spunk. Sadly, she did not make it, but at least now she is—or eventually will be—reunited with the great love of her life.

    This photo was taken at the 2012 GCS banquet.

    In loving fellowship, Larry Bowman

    Dear Larry,

    Thanks for this note.  I believe we will remember that fateful houseboat adventure throughout our universe careers. I remember it fondly! None of us guessed there would be snow on Easter weekend, but we sure did learn a lot about each other as the adventure progressed (or digressed, perhaps).  A broken propeller, no cell signal from the site where we marooned, a shortage of food, a bit of anxiety. I learned how to correct a dislocated shoulder that weekend from Sal. 

    The person who came to rescue us, appropriately, was named Michael.  We served him our last can of soup after he braved the frigid water to repair the damage.  

    Hooray for good men and good memories, and a big HOORAY for Millie's acquisition of a new and better form for her sweet spirit.

    Michelle Klimesh

    Such a lovely couple!!

    Larry, I think I was there the night they came. It really rings some sort of memory bell. But what is absolutely unforgettable was her beauty, pure wit and pixie charm. She was such a sharp, wonderful lady! And how wonderful it is to know that she's being reunited with her love, Lee.

    Blessings to both and thanks for letting us know!

    Rosey Lieske

    Oh gosh how I love this couple. I think I was twice as tall as Birthday of them. Quite often as they became older and it was hard to get to study group; they really didn’t attend that regularly but if Dad gave them a heads up when we were going to be in town; they’d really try to make it.  They loved watching our family grow thru the years; and I loved getting to see them a couple times a year.  I’m so happy for their reunion

    Love you all - Karen Allen

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