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Avi Dogim Remembrances

  • 2020-03-05 5:14 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Hi All,

    It is with great sadness that we learned this morning of the passing of Avi Dogim. Please join me in prayers for his family, and especially Lila, as they grieve for their loss over such a wonderful, gentle and devoted person.

    Love, Lara Amyx


    So sad. Avi and I shared hotel rooms in the old days when we were both on the Brotherhood EC attending meetings. He is such a gentle soul. I greatly enjoyed his company. He will be missed. Love and condolences to Lila.

    Brent St. Denis


    I’m so sorry to hear this. I first became acquainted with Avi more than 30 years ago, when Arizona readers were in the process of creating a Urantia society. I was the secretary, and Avi was Charter Committee chair of what was then the Urantia Brotherhood. He and I had a lot of phone calls during those days (I don’t recall that email was then an option.) He did a fine job of leading me through the process. It wasn’t until the General Council met in winter 1990 in the Phoenix area, and JJ and Geri Johnson hosted a social that Saturday night, that I first met Avi and finally had a face to a name (and voice).

    As you can probably figure out, this was during the time of the split between the Brotherhood and Urantia Foundation, and there were some in our group who wanted to consider joining “the other group” instead of staying with what became the Urantia Book Fellowship. Just a week after the GC meeting, Foundation trustees came to do a presentation at Sue Smith’s house. Avi returned to Phoenix, along with Mike Painter, to observe their presentation. After that, there was no question we were going to become the first Urantia Book Society to be installed under the renamed Fellowship. That occurred on May 18, 1990, and Avi once again was present in the Phoenix area to officiate the ceremonies. Then-president David Elders was our primary speaker.

    Over the years I have enjoyed Avi and Lila’s friendship and association on the General Council, which I finally joined 10 years ago. Eve McMahon from Phoenix joined their tour to Israel several years ago and greatly enjoyed his leadership on that journey. As soon as I read Lara’s email, I called her to let her know about Avi.

    Our love and sympathy go to Lila at this sad time. I’ve enjoyed their hospitality a couple of times at their high-rise condo overlooking Manhattan. (I remember Dick Johnson in 1995 standing on the balcony looking across the Hudson and saying to me, “Larry, you’re going to be spending a week there?” Dick seemed to be terrified of such a big city.)


    Larry Bowman



    I have many fond memories of Avi. I always admire his honesty and directness, but most of all I admire his dedication and willingness to serve: two terms as President in contentious times, committee(s) chair, GC and EC member, ad hoc committees, workshop leader, presenter, Society officer, and on and on.  A true kingdom worker! My condolences to Lila, his daughters, grandchildren, and friends.  

    Mike Painter


    We will be holding a memorial service for Avi this Monday, February 17th at Eden Memorial Chapel (Frank Patti).

    The address is 327 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024.

    Gathering starts at 11 am and the service will begin at 12:00.

    Shiva to follow at:

    200 Winston Drive

    Apartment 1619

    Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

    Lisa (917) 855-7152

    Ilana (917) 502-8287

    Feel free to forward


    Shiva is the week-long mourning period in Judaism for first-degree relatives. The ritual is referred to as "sitting shiva" in English. Traditionally, there are five stages of mourning in Judaism. Shiva is considered the third stage, and lasts for seven days.


    Avi and Lila (along with the Dreiers and the Sniders) were some of the very special "mentors" who took Francyl and me under their wings when we first showed up in Chicago at the initial Evanston conferences, in the early 1970's.  They all embodied such a gracious spirit of welcome and acceptance, and modeled the loyalty/duty of stepping forward to assume early and then growing leadership responsibilities in the emerging Urantia movement.


    Avi, especially, never tired of reminding us of our organizational responsibilities, of the importance of taking them seriously, as part of our opportunity to give back to the Supreme... to share back just a small portion of the endless gifts God so graciously gives each one of us.


    I have no doubt that when we ourselves arrive on the mansion worlds, Avi will be there to greet us, and introduce us to the many  new and varied avenues of service that he has already begun to explore.  


    Love and prayers to Lila and family, as you move forward in temporary separation... 

    We are all here, really, but an instant, ... before resuming our journey together in eternal fellowship!

    Marvin Gawryn


    Avi devoted decades of his life to serving the Fellowship and The Urantia Book. I greatly appreciated that he was one of the few people interested in discussing Fellowship constitutional issues. But I think of Avi most when I'm in the kitchen -- he once taught me how to cut an onion in a beautifully efficient way. 

    I wish peace for Lila and her family, and hope Avi is enjoying the view from his new world.

    Michelle Klimesh


    Oh, gosh ….

    It’s getting to be a challenge just keeping up on the losses the UB community has experienced in this past year or so.


    Sorry to hear about Avi’s passing.  I know he put up the good fight and was an inspiring cancer survivor for many years.  Avi was amongst that small group of older brothers that I consider my mentors.  I’m going to miss his bright mind, his fiercely independent thinking, his wonderful sense of humor and his hearty laugh!  Avi contributed greatly to this revelation and gave countless hours of loyal devotion to furthering the worldwide spread of the fifth epochal revelation.  He was a true leader — locally, nationally, and internationally. Avi and Lila were a powerful couple that brought that super important component of being born and raised outside of the US into the group process (GC/EC) and often times provided me with new insights that I never would have not considered otherwise.  Conferences just won’t be the same without Avi’s unique personality presences … going to miss you, brother.


    Sending loving light to be with Lila, his two beautiful daughters, and his beloved grandchildren during their season of grief. 

    Anthony Finstad

    Bend OR


    So sorry to hear of Avi's passing.  He was a wonderful help for the Urantia community.   So much enjoyed the trip to the land of Jesus with Avi and Lila.  

    Love and blessings to Lila and family.

    Charlene Morrow



    Yes, he was loved by many. I will miss his shining light. I got to know him well during the years I could attend conferences. He was always a delight to be with. God bless Lila and his family and loved ones.

    Dave Holt



    We are so sorry to hear about Avi and wish Lila and family much love and strength. We know he couldn't be in better hands but still, he will be missed!


    This picture was taken in Las Vegas in 2015 and includes three of our friends who are now on the mansion worlds: Phil Geiger, Emilio Coppola, and Avi Dogim.



    Hello All,



    I attended the memorial today for our dear friend, and brother, Avi Dogim. 


    It was a wonderful heartfelt service lead by Rev Gary Deinstadt, and filled with memories, love and laughter from many people there. 


    I would encourage all to offer some prayers of comfort and strength to carry Lila and family through this difficult and sorrowful time. 


    Avi was and is loved by so many, such a kind and caring man. 




    Karen Larsen



    I always enjoyed talking to Avi. He was such a kind and gentle man. We had a great conversation about ethics the last time I saw him. He will be missed. Big hugs of sympathy to Lila and the family. 


    Andrea Barnes


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