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Bob Slagle Remembrances

  • 2020-03-16 1:56 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)
    Dear Friends,

    Thanks for sharing the news about Bob’s departure. I believe he was suffering from dementia during the last few years of his life, so I view this as a blessing.

    Tales of Joshua just turned 40 years old this month. It was the third ‘secondary works‘ item that I purchased after the Concordex andthe Paramony. I always enjoyed reading this version of our Master’s early years to both of my daughters. 

    Thank you, Robert!  What a lovely contribution to the Urantia family.

    Tony Finstad

    PS ~ Here’s a photo of his second edition cover that came out in ‘94 with the addition of a coloring book:



    Just a note to let you know that Bob Slagle has gone on to the Mansion World adventure, having departed January 16 at 11:11 pm with his devoted companion Lily by his side.  Bob was 78. 

    Bob is perhaps best known in the reader community as the author of the first Urantian children's book, Tales of Joshua.

    Safe travels, Bob.  We'll all probably see you sooner than we'd like to imagine.



    Thanks David for the news, and thanks Bob for the Tales and for your bright and friendly spirit. Onward. - Dana Bredemeyer 



    It was wonderful to be acquainted with Bob all those years ago. That acquaintance was all the more highlighted by reading his storybook about Jesus to my boys over and over. I can personally feel his contribution to the Supreme.

    He also culled the best ideas about family meetings in his Family Meeting Handbook. I highly suggest this read for families.

    Farewell Bob, and many many thanks for the fruits of your passions.

    Tom Allen


    Thank you, Tom!

    Though I didn’t know Bob well, I have always appreciated his secondary works to The Urantia Book, Tales of Joshua and The Family Meeting Handbook.

    It’s sad that neither book is still in print. I hope that isn’t always the case, because both are excellent and beloved by UB readers.

    Love…Paula Thompson


    While I do not know Bob, I am joyous to hear of his secondary works he left with this world. 

    Paula mentioned getting these into print, how about we look at a way of making them digital? In the future it is far more likely that younger students will prefer a format that can be downloaded.

    Gary Tonge


    Hi Gary,

    Yes, that’s exactly what we’re hoping to accomplish with Dr. Slagle’s work. 

    The Family Life Committee - which is made up of members of The Fellowship and UAI - got permission a few years back to digitally release A Young Child’s Guide to The Urantia Book by Mary Ebben Livingston:

    We hope to do the same with Bob’s good works. I don’t believe I ever met Lily, so if any of you who do know her (Michelle, David, Golden Gate friend) and feel so moved to contact her — when the timing is appropriate in your heart — it would be wonderful to gain permission to digitally upload Tales of Joshua and Family Meeting Handbook on our websites so that we can share these gifts with a new generation of families.

    Tony Finstad, current chair of the Family Life Committee


    Dear folks,

    The pamphlet I mentioned by Dr. Robert Slagle is as follows:

    ISBN 0-9614218-4-3 COSMIC MIRTH: Humor in The Urantia Book

    by Bob Slagle, PhD


    Copyright 1997 Robert Wm. Slagle, PhD

    And also:

    Family Meeting Handbook: Achieving Family Harmony Happily

    by Robert Slagle | Jun 1, 1985


    More Buying Choices

    $13.62(6 used & new offers)

    Stephen Zendt, Walnut Creek, CA


    Dear friends,

    When we speak of the late Dr. Robert Slagle, PhD - or sometimes "Bob Slagle," we are talking about a psychologist on the faculty of SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY. Bob became a student of The UB many years ago.

    He addressed himself to applying the teachings of Jesus to family and interpersonal relationships.

    Bob Slagle contributed to our local Society, Golden Gate Circle, along with his spouse Lilly in a number of unique ways.

    • One way was his lovely essay on HUMOR IN THE URANTIA BOOK. 

    • Another was his book for kids, called TALES OF JOSHUA. 

    But also memorable was his presentation to our Retreat at St. Dorothy's on the Fandors. What an educational upgrade!

    The last few years have been very difficult for Bob. Now that he is released to move ahead, perhaps we can support his next phase by keeping him in our prayers. He was a generous teacher.

    Stephen Zendt, Walnut Creek, CA



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