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Moussa Ndiaye Remembrances

  • 2020-03-17 8:12 AM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Farewell Moussa Ndiaye

    From Tidings - June 2019, By Gaetan Charland, Canada on May 25, 2019

    On the 29th of March of this year Moussa Ndiaye, a long-time reader and a great teacher of The Urantia Book teachings, passed away. Moussa was the first president of the national Urantia Association of Senegal and over many years traveled to Europe, Canada, and the United States to attend conferences as well as to present a series of seminars based on The Urantia Book teachings. His goal was to help uplift spiritual consciousness in men and women of many faiths whether they were Urantia Book readers or not.

    I first met Moussa in 2000 in New York during the Urantia Association’s international conference at Staten Island. From my first meeting with him, I was impressed by the man and by what he had achieved in his country. He was able to share The Urantia Book’s teachings to more than eight hundred people of the Muslim faith with the help of a unique method he devised called “Progressive Divine Wisdom,” which is based on The Urantia Book’s teachings.

    Moussa was a professional teacher by trade but, for the most part, he preferred to be a teacher of truth. He never tired of talking about our spiritual Father’s infinite love for mankind. He truly committed his life to helping everyone he could achieve God consciousness so they would be spiritually free and able to progress on their own with God as their partner.

    Many have been privileged to know him as a teacher and learn from him. His spiritual legacy is still very much alive in Senegal in a group of spirit-born individuals who have been trained to pursue his method of teaching in the Muslim community not only in Senegal but also in other countries of Africa. His legacy also lives on in the hearts and minds of those men and women he taught during his life. A series of his seminars are available in French on YouTube.

    Safe journey my friend in your new adventure in our local universe.

    Dear sisters and brothers

    A very special man has left this world earlier today. What this man was able to achieve with one Urantia Book was quite amazing. His way of disseminating the incomparable teachings of the Master and of The Urantia Book was quite unique, touching many thirsty souls in the process.

    He surely experientially understood the importance of creating many circles of trust, be in Africa, Europe or Canada and therefore making all the people involved benefiting from the increase power of working in coordinated harmony in the union of souls.

    Moussa was a true spiritual instructor, teacher, mentor, and so much more. It is in observing him in action that I understood in a much better way what it meant to be wholeheartedly devoted to bring our siblings closer to God. What an inspiration he was on such a planet! 

    Thank you Moussa! À Dieu et à bientôt until we have our next rendez-vous on the Mansion Worlds.  

    Guy Perron


    Several of you may have met Moussa. Katharina Becker

    ****************Dear Katharina,

    Thank you for letting us know about Moussa's graduation.
    Steve and I  spent a week with Moussa in Canada and time with him at conferences.  He was, indeed, a wholeheartedly devoted student and teacher of The Urantia Book and did much to disseminate its teachings in his native country and beyond.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to know him.

    Bobbie Dreier


    Thank you for sharing this and passing it on to the community. Moussa, was a fabulous teacher of the concepts shared in The Urantia Book. Looking forward to seeing him on the other side and what tasks he will be assigned :) 

    Thank you, Emilio Coppola

    *********Was Moussa given the Urantia Book by Norman Ingram when he did his pilgrimage in Africa in the 1990's? Does anyone recall more detail? What fruits have come from Norman's quest! And thanks be to the work of Moussa and all the lives he touched. The circle is never unbroken, is it? Not when it comes to the work of humans devoted to service as the master mentored.   Eugenia Rice

    **********Hi Eugenia and others,

    One of the stories in the upcoming revised How I Found the Urantia Book is by Moussa's son, Moustapha. He mentions that their group in Senegal (including Moussa) first received the French book, La Cosmogonie d’Urantia, in the early 1960s from the translator, Jacques Weiss. Moussa had built up a large group through the years, adapting the Urantia teachings to their culture and society. In 1998 Moustapha contacted George Dupont at the Foundation office in Paris, right before Norman Ingram was about to go embark on his African mission. Moustapha writes: "The first face-to-face contact with readers outside our group took place in December 1998. Georges connected us with Norman Ingram, who was distributing English copies of the Urantia Book in English-speaking African countries. He needed a contact in Senegal (a French-speaking country) to pick up the books that were shipped from the port of Marseilles to the port of Dakar. Norman had planned to stay two or three days in Dakar before continuing his drive to South Africa, but ended up staying in my home for almost a month. That is how we received our first Urantia Books in English."

    We shall certainly miss the likes of Moussa! Thankfully, it seems that Moustapha is carrying the work forward in Senegal.

    **********Does anyone know how old Moussa was at the time of his departure?
    We know he was fairly elderly at the time of his visit to us here in Boulder, and when he was at the Parliament.
    Our family has ended up with a long on-going relationship with the (then) young man who acted as his interpreter during his visit in Boulder.
    Due to his methods of teaching we're sure he has left a great legacy of teachers behind him in his country. Well done Moussa N'Dayai.
    God speed and we applaud you for all your amazing achievements for our Fifth Revelation.  The Biek Family, Boulder, CO

    ********Hi Eugenia,

    Moussa was already a reader when Norman found him while on his Africa mission to spread the UB.  Norman was astonished that Moussa was teaching a class of approximately 100 using just his one book. I believe it was George DuPont who turned him on to the revelation originally but can’t remember for sure. 


    ******Hi Paula and all,

    According to Moussa's son Moustapha, the French translator Jacques Weiss introduced La Cosmogonie d’Urantia to man from Senegal in the early 1960s. With that one book the man started a study group and built up quite a following. Moussa discovered it in 1973, and they continued on with just the one French book, until 1998 when Norman Ingram (via Georges Dupont) brought them some English books.

    Saskia Raevouri

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