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David Elders Remembrances

  • 2020-04-03 8:50 AM
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    Cristina (Administrator)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Spirit,

    It is with deep sorrow for Marta, her sons and their families, and jubilation for David, that I have been asked to share with you that his earthly journey is now through. He was hospitalized last weekend with a-fib, and in spite of many attempts by his physicians to remedy the problem, he slipped away this morning, surrounded by his beloved family. I am certain this comes as something of a shock to many of you and that, while we all surely grieve his loss, you will all join with me in extending our deepest, utterly sincere, and heartfelt condolences to our beloved sister and her dear family. May the Father above envelope them in His pure love.

    It has been a long, roller coaster week for them. Marta is now home resting and in need of a good night’s sleep after last night’s all-night vigil. Life is fragile—and our time here with one another such an inexpressible blessing. There is nothing quite like the loss of a lifelong and beloved partner to bring that home.

    As Jesus so oft reminds us, LOVE is the greatest thing—the very essence of our Maker. And . . .  “Love is the desire to do good to others.”

    Godspeed sweet brother Dave . . . well-done God’s good and faithful son.

    In deep sadness and celebration, and with love,


    *******It is with great shock and sadness that I learned of a dear friend’s recent passing on from this world into his next career…Dave Elders — Please see accompanying article…

    He was a brilliant mind in the advertising world and in his study of the teachings in The Urantia Book. I will deeply miss him here and now and look forward to serving along with him in the “Worlds on High”.

    With Much Love,

    Emilio Coppola

    *****Gosh, what a shock. I have had the privilege of knowing Dave Elders over the years—not well, but always enjoying his company whenever we’ve been together.

    He was president of the Fellowship at the time Grand Canyon Society was installed in May 1990—the first society to be installed under The Urantia Book Fellowship. He was the primary speaker at the ceremony. He and Marta spent the night at my apartment.

    A few years later, in 1997 in Vancouver, David enjoyed watching two siblings in action at TDA. My sister Carolyn and I represented different societies, and he especially got a chuckle when first one of us and then the other would promote a motion that often died for lack of a second.

    I have seen him only a few more times since then, particularly in Amsterdam in spring of last year, just before the UAI conference. David, Marta, and I got together twice for dinner with Steve and Bobbie Dreier, John Hales, and Geri Johnson.

    I am so sorry for Marta’s loss, and for the Urantia movement as well. David Elders was a loving gentleman.

    In fellowship, Larry Bowman



    I have many fond memories of David Elders. He led the Brotherhood through difficult times. I wish peace and comfort for Marta and his family. Job well done David!

    Michael Painter


    Dear Socadmin sisters and brothers,

    Another long time and dedicated student of the revelation, our brother Dave Elders, has crossed the great threshold.

    Please join Francyl and I, sending prayers to Marta and the whole Elders clan, as they adjust to this huge change in their lives.

    Love to you all!

    Marvin Gawryn


    I did not know David well, but he was ALWAYS a true gentleman.  Prayers for Marta and family. 

    Carol Weatherford


    Dave Elders is one of my favorite embodiments of “Living the teachings.”  He and Marta have been very dear friends, teachers and inspirations to me for many years.  I will always cherish the year I was in the group with them preparing and presenting the “Soul Pilgrims” track at a UB Conference.  Dave will be greatly missed, and so many memories of his vital presence in the UB movement will live on!

    Jill Strunk


    I have known David for years and am stunted at his passing so quickly after my husband Charles Olivea dying on November 17.  We are having a service here this Sunday and then another one on the East coast sometime in the spring. Marta, I'm so sorry for you, my love goes out to you,

    Fondly, Mary Olivea


    David and I first met in the mid 80's at a Texas/Oklahoma conference and have seen each other many times over the years. He was a gentleman and a scholar in my book, who possessed one of the keenest minds I have ever known. I teased him at times stating, "David, you are a true elder amongst us."

    Bye for now David...

    Ann Gardner


    Dear friends,

    With a sad heart I am sending Dave's obituary for those of you who knew him.  He was a longtime dear friend and brother to me.




    Thanks Bobbie!

    That was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. It always amazes me how much we don’t know about a person until we read their obituary.

    Years ago Carol Setters told me that as a new reader she was mystified when her friends told her they were taking her to meet the elders. She thought, “Wow, I get to meet the elders.” Then she realized the joke was on her when the “elders” turned out to be Dave and Marta ELDERS. J

    Our movement is punctuated by truly remarkable people, like Dave. I’m always deeply appreciative and amazed by this. With Dave’s passing, there have been 33 Grand Urantians (that I know of) who have graduated in the last 18 months. Perhaps the angels are assembling a wonderful FER Council on high. Even so, these losses are so bitter/sweet.

    I wish Godspeed to David Elders on this new chapter of his universe career! I look forward to meeting him again on the shores of a better world.



    I attended his very well attended memorial service at the Darien (Connecticut) Country Club along with hundreds of others - in several parts of the central buildings - and gathered into one gigantic meeting hall - every table crowded - extra tables and chairs brought in - and a border of friends two rows deep - standing-room only - all the way around the walls of the huge enclosure to hear ten or so spoken tributes - after which all the local middle school boys comprising the Darien middle schools’ hockey team (which Dave had coached since the days his own two sons were middle school hockey players) filed in and crouched within the encircling adults all decked out in their team hockey jerseys.   It was a moment !

    David Glass


    David N. Elders, 78, of Rowayton, CT died peacefully on Sunday the 1st of December 2019, at Westchester Medical Center. Dave was born in Port Chester, NY on February 1, 1941. He was the son of the late Irwin and Irene Elders. He graduated from New Canaan High School in 1959 where he played baseball, football, and hockey. He was later inducted into the New Canaan Athletic Hall of Fame. He went on to Dartmouth College in 1963 where he played Varsity hockey, was a member of Phi Delta fraternity, and the Dragon secret society.

    Following college Dave began his career in marketing and went on to successful endeavors in real estate development and the software industry. He was an avid outdoorsman, loved boating, skiing and playing golf with his family.

    But his real passion was the joy he experienced contributing to others. He was one of the founders of the Darien Youth Hockey Association and spent many years coaching his sons and countless other kids in youth hockey and baseball and later the Darien High School Hockey team. Additionally he co-founded and was active in Safe Rides. He also spent many years working with and was a former chair of the board of directors of Kids In Crisis, of Greenwich CT.

    His spiritual journey has been informed, guided and grounded in his study of The Urantia Book which he and his wife Marta have been committed to for the last fifty years. It is their ground of being and has provided a vision of our next steps in an eternal journey. Dave has served Urantia related organizations over the past decades as President of Urantia Brotherhood, a board member of Urantia Book Internet School, and co-chairing international and local conferences. It was his core and his truth.

    And his deep found joy was/is in his beautiful and amazing grandchildren who he loved so deeply and was so loved by.

    Dave is survived by his wife Marta his two sons and their families. Matt and Christine, sons Jack and Luke of Tiburon, CA and Brad and Karen, children Cameron, Katie, and Aidan of Darien, CT. and his siblings Christopher and Theresa of Andover Vermont, Susie of Tucson, AZ, and Laurie and Dick of Enfield, CT.

    A Celebration and Remembrance of Dave's life will be held Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020 at Wee Burn Country Club, Darien, CT at 12 Noon.

    In lieu of flowers the family requests in Dave's spirit to please do a random act of kindness and hug the ones you love.

    Published in Darien News on Dec. 12, 2019
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