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Helena Sprague Remembrances

  • 2020-07-09 11:27 AM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Helena Sprague was one of the earliest readers in New England of the newly published Urantia Book. The late William S. Sadler, Jr., then Vice President of Urantia Foundation, and a business contact of her first husband Alexander Wall, found her to be a seeker of truth. Helena became a member-at-large of the Brotherhood in 1966, and in June 1974, she was appointed Field Representative of the Brotherhood. She was a Founder of the Urantia Society of Central Connecticut in 1979.

    Helena was elected to the General Council in August 1979, and served six years of a nine-year term on the Council, until her appointment to the Board of Trustees of Urantia Foundation in April 1985. Her tenure on the Board came during a period of growing mistrust between the new president of the Board and the leadership of the Brotherhood. At issue were matters involving the separation of functions of each organization; both sides made incursions into the prerogatives of the other. She resigned in June 1989, along with Trustees, Frank Sgaraglino and Gloriann Harris, precipitating a series of events culminating in the "split" between the Foundation and the Brotherhood.

    A native of Washington D.C., Helena was a graduate of Cornell University, with a Masters degree from Columbia. She taught in the Darien and New Britain school systems. The mother of two sons and a daughter from her first marriage, she had two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She lived in Hartford with her beloved husband of 30 years, Sidney Sprague. Her death came in Hartford, at the age of 87 after a brief illness.

    An admiring friend in the Urantia community, David Glass, offered this farewell message: "Adieu, Helena, and every blessing and happiness be yours in your continuing journey Godward. We also celebrate your admission to the incomparable and indescribably beautiful realms which are far beyond what any of us has yet imagined!"

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