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Alan John Theiss Remembered

  • 2020-09-18 1:19 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Alan John Theiss 11-19-45 to 8-3-2020

    For those who never met my dad, he was the one who raised me using UB principles in our split household (divorced) as well as gave me my first copy after graduating college and telling me 'if you do one thing Geoff, read the last quarter of this book!"  I also owe my enthusiasm for learning and discovery, love of adventure, inner peace from knowing God personally, thriftiness (actually both my mom and dad are very thrifty), industriousness, appreciation of science and the arts, and much of my joy in living from his influence as a dad.  He was an excellent father and has given me inspiration for a selfless life as a parent that I will endeavor to carry forward in my young family.  He was an eagle scout, PhD plasma physicist with a handful of patents to his name, one-time assistant professor in ballroom dance and devoted dancer, avid stamp collector, world traveler, handiman, linguist (French, Russian, and recently Japanese), amateur channeler (was into teaching mission), amature saxophonist, hardcore addict of Sid Meier's Civilization series computer games, friend, and father - among many other things.

    While he will have plenty of time with his grandchildren in 100 or so years, he will definitely be missed.  I'm sure he would have been as good, if not a better a grandfather, as he was a father.

    With Loving memories,

    Geoff Theiss

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