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Bruce Porter Remembrances

  • 2020-10-10 2:32 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    I met Bruce probably around 1990 or so, when he was hosting Urantia study groups at his beautiful home in Lake Oswego. It was then that I also met his sweet, well-behaved young son, Aaron. I remember sitting in Bruce's living room studying the book and looking out through his large back window onto his gorgeous back yard. Bruce was always very gracious, warm, and obviously knew the UB well. And he provided the BEST snacks for us all, haha. Before the spiritual retreat center was ever purchased in Eugene, Bruce held several retreats with UB readers in that Lake Oswego house. I remember attending one of them. Bruce enjoyed ceremony, especially the traditions of native Americans. That's where I participated in my first burning sage ceremony. He always appreciated the best of other religions. He was very open-minded about many if not all religions in the world.

    I also recall one time when a Urantia Book fanatic -- Rob Cricket -- was visiting Portland and, not knowing of his fanaticism, I had invited him to stay at my home in Portland. Without going into the gory details, haha, let me just say that Rob and I had a falling out when he tried to proclaim himself as the bestower of the Holy Spirit upon the members of our study group. Thus, it was quite uncomfortable having him stay at my house! Well, he called Bruce, who came the next morning to pick him up. Bruce had a big smile for both of us and it was obvious that he was not at all interested in being judgmental about whatever may have happened between Rob and I. He never even asked me about the incident afterwards, and I greatly appreciated that he took Rob off my hands.

    I also attended a few of the spiritual retreats when Bruce was living on the Kindred Spirits land in Eugene, and managing it. That's also where I met the lovely and sweet Theresa, who later became his wife, and is now my friend. Those retreats were always fun and interesting. They had a unique mixture of Urantia Book study, varied religious ceremonies and worship, music, dance, and activities, uplifting conversations, and always, delicious food! I am not much of a "retreat person," but those retreats hosted and organized by Bruce and his friends were always fun and fascinating! I remember that Bruce always make everyone feel comfortable and a part of the whole group experience. He has always been easy-going, friendly, and kind to everyone.

    I think God blessed Bruce when he brought Theresa into his life. He loved her so much! And she made his last decade happy, despite his slow physical debilitation.

    The last time I saw Bruce was a little over a year ago when I visited him and Theresa at their tiny house in northwestern Oregon. I realized then that Bruce was very ill, because he seemed distant, like someone who was very old, who had lost interest in much of life. We did speak a little, but not for long, because it seemed to be an effort on his part. Therefore, I do not feel very sad that Bruce has gone on to the mansion worlds. That seems to me like it is a blessing, and I have no doubt that he is MUCH better off there! So I give him a shoutout now: "Bruce, onward and upward! You have new kindred spirits to work with now, until we all see you in morontia form." Love from, Joy Brandt

    On October 3, 2020, we lost a beloved husband, father and friend, Bruce Porter. He had suffered for three years with a couple of debilitating conditions and his poor body was spent. Although we knew his time was limited, we didn’t expect it to be so soon. On October 3rd, he was transported into the arms of our Loving God. Bruce never feared death. He knew that it was just the beginning of an entirely new life resplendent with ever brighter truth, beauty and goodness.

    Bruce was born June 2, 1953 and grew up in the small town of Manteca, California, the youngest of three brothers raised by his single mom, Zula, and his grandparents. From his teens, Bruce began his quest for deeper meaning in life, which launched him on a lifelong spiritual journey that shaped his entire life from the inside out.

    In 1988, Bruce and Jinnie Kim met, began an intimate partnership, and in 1990 Aaron was born. They parted ways in 1994 and co-parented Aaron until he reached adulthood. While they struggled to see eye to eye as co-parents, they always agreed on their shared unconditional love for Aaron. Aaron always felt their love and desire to parent him the best they knew how, despite the challenging times that they navigated as a divorced family. Born from his own challenges within a divorced multi-racial and multicultural family, Aaron went on to become a licensed therapist who supports individuals and families in healing and growing through challenges like those he experienced in his early life. Today, Aaron thanks both his parents for all that they provided for him and taught him, even the lessons that were learned through conflict, pain, and tears. In 2014, Bruce and Theresa happened to meet Logan Knauss and insisted that they introduce her to Aaron. After several years together, Aaron and Logan were married in 2018 and live happily in the Eugene/Springfield area. Aaron reflects fondly on the memories shared with his father, despite the fact that they were often living far apart and shared limited time together. Whether they were flying remote control airplanes, navigating the challenges of puberty, or having an occasional dinner at Denny’s restaurant, Aaron always felt the unconditional love of his father. 

    In his everyday life, Bruce wore many hats from store owner, locksmith, electrician and contractor to tennis fan, amateur pilot and boating enthusiast. But in his truest essence, Bruce was a visionary and passionate activist for spiritual truth. Bruce was blessed to be able to recognize truth in many paths and people in his life. Much of his life was involved with various spiritual communities, including the Emissaries of Divine Light and their Glen Ivy Community in California. He was also an active spokesperson for Fundamentalists Anonymous in the 1980s, speaking a few times on TV. A major inspiration to him since the early 1970s was the Urantia Book. He was active in the Urantia Book community for years and eventually served as president of the United States Urantia Association in the 1990s.

    Along with fellow Urantia Book readers Roger Newton and Dolores Nice, later joined by Tomas and Daniel Cardoso, Bruce was a founding member of Kindred Spirits Retreat Center near Eugene, Oregon. Kindred Spirits opened its doors in 2005 as a Urantia Book retreat center, then evolved to host a variety of spiritual retreats. Eventually hundreds of souls were welcomed and nurtured by this inspiring sacred place to explore higher expressions of truth and deeper connections to the Divine.

    Bruce was a natural-born community builder--a trait that he has passed down in spades to his son, Aaron. He loved getting people together, whether it was sharing profound ideas at retreats, heart-warming times over meals or movies and popcorn with his gigantic homemade movie screen at Kindred Spirits. If you walked into Bruce’s life, he would make it his personal mission to get to know you and make you feel like you belonged. He had room in his heart for people of all different backgrounds and stories.

    Bruce met his soulmate Theresa Schumacher in 2009 and she was immediately captivated by his spiritual depth and character. They very quickly found a true and deep home in each other's arms. They were married in 2010 and together shared all the joys and challenges of running Kindred Spirits on a daily basis until its closing in 2016. In September 2020, Bruce and Theresa were blessed to make it to their 10th anniversary.

    In his deep faith and trust in God, Bruce drew others to experience a loving and personal God in their lives, too. In his devotion to service, he modeled his commitment and joy in working to shine greater truth, beauty and goodness into this fragile world. Though we’ll miss him greatly, we’re joyful that he’s continuing his eternal journey on the great sea of God’s boundless love, where we’ll rejoin him on the way!

    Theresa Schumacher

    Performer and Teacher - Clarinet, Piano, Celtic Harp and Native American Flutes

    Click here to see me on Youtube

    Bruce Porter was (and is) one of my most wonderful brothers, a dear friend, and a sincerely devoted servant of the revelation!

    He served for several years as the President of the UAI, during an especially critical period of time, after the bitter battles of the 1990's, and during the earliest efforts to begin building bridges between readers in the Fellowship and UAI.  

    He was an unflappable peacemaker, when it was not at all an easy thing to stand for bridgebuilding.  And he always responded to the tensions of those times with his characteristic chuckle and gentle smile!  He really got the irony of the human condition!

    And he was a gentle and genuine devotee of the contemplative journey.  After his stint in the Urantian political scene, he and Theresa devoted themselves to the creation and nurturing of a gorgeous retreat environment in the Oregon countryside, which many of us enjoyed on numerous occasions over a period of several years.

    I actually feel a bit sad that he and I didn't keep up the friendship much in the last 10 years ... allowing life with its distractions and diverging paths to result in too long without a good catch-up conversation.  

    But I know that my buddy Bruce will be enjoying the heck out of his new body, mind and morontia opportunities, and I'm looking forward with delight to a really nice looooong catch-up schmooze in a local mansion world cafe.

    Bon voyage, brother Bruce!

    Marvin Gawryn

    Happy Trails Brother Bruce  ❤

    Framy Mas 


    My family,

    Bruce left our world last week.  Supported by family and friends, Bruce made a faith-driven, courageous decision to travel on to the Mansion Worlds.

    Both mentally and physically Bruce felt it was time to head towards those Eternal Shores.  That God was comfortable with him coming home.

    His last night alive, Bruce sat with the love of his life, Theresa, on a bench watching the sunset.  He pointed to the last rays of the setting sun and declared it was time for Him to travel into the light.

    He whispered a sweet goodbye to His soulmate and sent Theresa to the store on an errand.  Bruce passed away out in nature surrounded by the warm darkness of Mom's womb and saturated with the Father's love.  Travel gently soldier of the circles, knowing you have helped lead many others in their search for the Beloved within.

    Tom Choquette

    Love Tom

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