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The Urantia Book -
A brief Introduction

Part 1: The Central and Superuniverse

  • Mankind is not alone; there is intelligent life in the universe
  • A guide for humankind into the next era of evolutionary progress

Part 2: The Local Universe

  • Provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of our own planetary family, as well as our place in the cosmic family of freewill intelligent beings

Part 3: The History of Urantia

  • First published in 1955, The Urantia Book is a literary masterpiece that harmonizes science, religion, and philosophy, while illuminating mankind's origin, history and destiny.
  • A spark of divine perfection lives within each human being.

Part 4: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

  • Lifts Jesus out of the context of the Christian religion and portrays his life and teachings in a way that is inspiring to people of all faiths and all walks of life.

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