Can Friends Help Us Grow Spiritually?

ONE OF THE MOST helpful aids to growing spiritually is the company we keep. How much easier it is to have the support of a friend rather than striving alone. 

  • A small group of friends who study together and share insights can be a rich experience, so long as the group is small enough so everyone can participate actively in sharing and discussion.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have spiritual mentors, people who are ahead of us to a certain degree on the spiritual journey. It is so reassuring to have someone who has been where we are and can tell us about their own struggles, their temporary failures, and ultimate successes. Large groups such as churches or college classrooms may serve this need, but not necessarily on a person-to-person basis.

Even when we have no experienced mentor, having a friend who is exploring the spiritual wilderness by our side makes the unknown seem less intimidating. 

  • Hearing about a friend’s challenges and celebrating together what each one learns strengthens both. 
  • Friends who are each committed to growing spiritually are mutually supportive in a culture that often completely overlooks or denies the reality of the spiritual world. 

It is even more valuable to enter an intentional partnership where both friends are committed to helping each other to grow spiritually. 

  • That kind of friend knows when to listen and when to speak, when to affirm and when to challenge. 
  • Often such partnerships produce interesting “coincidences,” when both friends have different experiences yet learn the same lessons. 

There can be a certain magic in the sharing so that new spiritual insights arise and new viewpoints emerge for each person. Such a friendship is one of our spiritual parent’s marvelous gifts.

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

Spiritual Adventure

Spiritual Adventures are activities you can try for yourself to energize your experience of spiritual reality and foster your spiritual growth.

In the absence of human friends (and even in addition to them), share your spiritual life by imagining a wise spiritual partner.  

Write a letter to this imaginary friend sharing your spiritual life and asking questions. 

Next, write the letter that your imaginary friend might write back to you, answering your questions and giving you advice. 

This technique can be useful for occasional use or as a regular, daily journaling habit.

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