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What Are The Rewards Of Cooperating?

WHEN WE INTENTIONALLY strive to grow spiritually, we progress more actively in maturing. 

  • When we decide to connect with others with similar goals and learn to cooperate as a team, the rewards to the group, as well as each individual, are amazing. 

  • Each person has important things to contribute regardless of our differences in age, education, race, I.Q., wealth, etc. 

  • Everyone who is willing to receive is enriched by the experience and insights of all others.

A common  failure in our culture is in gender cooperation. Our civilization has hardly any concept of how to enable women and men to cooperate uniquely yet to achieve common goals.

A major problem that arises in groups of men and women working together is the contrast between the way each gender commonly interacts.

This creates a type of gender segregation. Many women have felt that they must behave like men to be genuinely included in decision making. When women change their style in this way, a team loses the unique and valuable feminine point of view.

Having the full participation of both genders can be tremendously beneficial because men and women bring a wide range of approaches to the team effort, as well as a full spectrum of talents. 

  • Our civilization has only begun to develop attitudes that allow women to contribute in their own styles. 
  • It rarely recognizes or values the full extent of what they can offer. 

It would result in great benefit to civilization if the differing insights and points of view of both genders were considered equally valuable.

As we learn how to cooperate more effectively in working together for the good of our world, extraordinary progress will be made for civilization; and the personal spiritual growth of group members will explode as a consequence of the unique spiritual benefits of all participants working together harmoniously, equally, and cooperatively.

Gender is only one of the ways differences can negatively affect cooperation. Some other examples are social status, education, race, citizenship, ethnicity, age, wealth, political affiliation, sexual orientations, and many more. 

When we seek cooperation with other viewpoints, we benefit from the gifts they have to contribute, and the whole group produces far better work.

Genuine cooperation and collaboration have extraordinary results that will emerge as we learn how to include people and draw the best from each one.

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

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