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Enrich Your Inner Life to Become A Better Person

Becoming a Better Person By Nourishing Your Inner Life

Becoming the person you want to be depends on expressing the best of your inner life. Your inner life includes your:

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Motives

  • Ideals

You will grow into a better person when you enrich your inner life with ideal values–those qualities, ideals, and standards you consider admirable and worthy of your commitment.

Ideal Values Are the Key to Becoming a Better Person

Integrity, peace, generosity, compassion, caring, courage, patience, graciousness, forgiveness, and trustworthiness are examples of these ideal values. Living a life based on ideal values is an avenue to spiritual progress.

As you work toward becoming the person you want to be in your daily life,

  • keep in mind the ideal values that are important to you,
  • choose to express these ideal values in your words, actions, and balanced self-control, and
  • allow your daily life to reflect these ideal values.

Sometimes Your Outer Life Controls Your Priorities

In contrast with your inner life, your outer life is where you interact with people, ideas, and institutions that are frequently concerned with their own interests. Your actions and decisions in the world can be important, especially when you are providing for physical life needs. But . . .

Real and lasting happiness flows out of giving the ideal values in your inner life first priority.

Your Inner Spirit Provides Guidance for Your Life

Deep inside the highest part of your mind resides your spiritual guide—your Inner Spirit. Your Inner Spirit connects you to the creator and sustainer of all life, the source of all unselfish love. This Inner Spirit can always be depended upon to encourage what is truly in your best spiritual interests.

Your inner life is where your ideal values and meanings arise, take root, and grow. Your inner life is where you have the most control over your life. Your inner life truly belongs to you. There you can create a special place to rest and to gather calm and strength. This special place is a particularly good place to consider your ideal values.

About Us

We are a group of spiritual adventurers sharing our ideas about how to grow spiritually and experience joy in a world that sometimes feels so difficult.

We offer ideas based on our own experience. We do our best to give you simple descriptions, explanations, examples, and exercises.

We promise: no obligation to us on your part, no cost, nothing to join, nothing you must profess to believe, no attempt to convert you. We simply want to share what we have discovered; you can use whatever works for you.

May you grow in the joy of living!


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