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Choose Ideal Values to Become A Better Person

Choose Ideal Values to Become a Better Person

Choose Ideal Values to Become a Better Person

Many people give little thought to the fact that they are building a life on the foundation of their ideal values–those qualities, ideals, and standards they consider admirable and worthy of commitment. It is important to give thought to what foundation you are choosing to build your life on. The higher and more worthwhile your ideal values are, the better the person you become and the more rewarding your life will be.

Choose Your Ideal Values Wisely

Look at the short list of ideal values below.

As you do, notice the way you feel in response to each value. Some of them will seem more interesting to you. You may simply want to understand them more. Perhaps you feel you have achieved that ideal value to some degree. In contrast, you may feel you need to grow in that value.

Values to Consider

  1. Patience
  2. Sincerity
  3. Openness
  4. Curiosity
  5. Courageousness
  6. Loyalty
  7. Strength
  8. Wisdom
  9. Commitment
  10. Inner peace
Explore Your Chosen Value

Choose an Ideal Value That Interests You to Focus on Now

Read slowly over the list above again. Your Inner Spirit–that spiritual guide in your inner life which connects you to the source of unselfish love and wisdom–can gently help you to choose a value. One common way to experience this help is to feel satisfied when you make your choice.

Here are some examples of less common ways you may sense an urging toward a particular value:

  • You may feel excited about one option over all others.
  • Your attention may focus more on a particular value.
  • You may feel tingles pass down your spine or over your head when you read the word.
  • You may get the impression of a faint light on the word.

If you prefer, feel free to choose an ideal value that is not on the list. Even if you do not notice the help, your Inner Spirit will guide you to make a good choice.

Explore Your Chosen Value

Think deeply about the ideal value you have chosen:

  • Review what you already know about the value.
  • Depend on your Inner Spirit to help you understand it. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the value.
  • Consider taking notes on the ideas that occur to you and any images you imagine.

Give Thanks

When you are finished, take a moment to be thankful for the new possibilities this value brings. In the weeks to come, watch your life to observe how this value grows in your understanding.

Your experience with each ideal value will deepen as you try to understand it.

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